Everything you need to know about the secret K’iin Supper Club

The dining experience was launched by Chef Jon Collin from LPM Dubai and Zuma Dubai fame.

Dubai is home to numerous MICHELIN-starred eateries, new spots popping up and tough competition. But did you know that there are exclusive supper clubs in Dubai, too? K’iin Supper Club is led by Chef Jon Collin, who has wowed diners at LPM Dubai and Zuma Dubai, is not your ordinary restaurant. It’s a hidden treasure serving Mexican-inspired goodness that will leave you spellbound.

K’iin Supper Club takes place at the chef’s humble residence, but it’s not about where it is, it’s about what it stands for. Inspired by the idea of supper clubs, where people come together to eat and chat, K’iin Supper Club is all about feeding your soul. Each evening at this mysterious establishment unfolds as a journey of gastronomic delights, accompanied by the storytelling of its origins.

Entering K’iin Supper Club may seem daunting at first but by the time you leave, you’ll feel like you’ve made a bunch of new friends. And that’s the beauty of supper clubs. It was Jon’s encounter with an Emirati couple who showed him the wonders of train travel in Europe and spilled the beans on the coffee-making secrets. It made him realise that food has this incredible power to connect people. And that’s how K’iin Supper Club was born.

Chef Jon took his own home and turned it into an epic space where he could bring the vibrant flavours of Mexico right into the heart of Dubai. With every dish, he and his talented team pour their hearts into creating an atmosphere that feels just like home.

The menu, heavily influenced by Mexican cuisine, features a range of tantalising dishes. From the almond requeson and truffle infladita showcasing corn’s versatility, to the avocado gazpacho with Amalfi lemons adding a zesty twist, every bite is a sensory delight. They also honour ancient Mayan techniques with the smoky esquite pibinal, marinate octopus in the tantalising Al Pastor sauce and celebrate the sacred grain maize. With refreshing Uzu Margaritas, tantalising scallop aguachile and the crunchy-sweet bunuelo de viento, K’iin Supper Club promises an unforgettable dining experience that captures the essence of Mexican flavours.

K’iin Supper Club is a world where culinary artistry meets heartfelt conversations. If you’re tired of the same old dining routine, this is your chance to indulge.

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