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London’s KARVE Pilates sweats its way to Dubai

This strength-training experience will open in Alserkal Avenue.

Get ready to break a sweat and sculpt your body because KARVE Pilates — from London and New York — is making its grand entrance in Dubai. With its unique approach to pilates, KARVE is set to redefine fitness in Dubai with its brand-new studio in Alserkal Avenue.

KARVE Pilates is a 50-minute, full-body, strength training experience. It combines fun, fast-flowing workouts with considered and conscious movements, which results in a high-intensity, low-impact exercise that promises to help you sweat and sculpt your way to a fitter lifestyle.

KARVE London boasts a private studio that caters to individuals or pairs seeking an exclusive experience. Its Dubai outpost will feature three separate studios, including two small private studios and a main one housing 12 transformers. These bespoke transformer machines are custom-made to fit the KARVE method. 

KARVE teaches all levels in one room, providing modifications and advancements to cater to every ability. Each participant receives a full introduction to the machines, ensuring a safe and effective workout. The endurance-based workout focuses on building slow-twitch muscle fibres, promoting increased strength and a boosted metabolism. The intensity is coupled with joint-friendly movements, making it a fitness option suitable for everyone.

KARVE believes in the power of the mind-body connection. To ensure lasting results and exceed personal goals, their signature touch concludes each session with five minutes of endorphin-fuelled mindfulness and breath work. This holistic approach aims to unite the senses, equipping clients to tackle the demands of modern life.

As KARVE Pilates prepares to make its mark in Dubai, the fitness scene is in for a revolutionary shake-up. So keep your eyes peeled because its opening is on the horizon.

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