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Fujairah Adventure Park opens the highest swing in the UAE

Soar to new heights at the 40-metre-high attraction.

The UAE is swinging into action and breaking a record. Fujairah Adventure Park has opened the highest swing in the country. Standing at 40 metres above ground, the Giant Swing is a must-visit for thrill seekers.

Fujairah Adventure Park is home to a range of exciting experiences. Now, it is impressing locals and tourists with the Giant Swing, which has already proved popular on social media. Visitors can strap themselves into the swing, and soar across the dramatic landscape.

At Fujairah Adventure Park, visitors can also challenge themselves on zip-line courses, kayaking, and wall climbing. The site is home to more than 20 hectares of biking and hiking trails. Plus, the experiences include archery, axe throwing, bag jumps, dirt jumps, and a pump track.

Fujairah Adventure Park prides itself on offering state-of-the-art safety equipment and technology, which ensures visitors can have a fun and fulfilling time. If you want to extend the experience, book a tent and stay over.

If you’re looking for similar swings, put the Giant Swing in Saudi Arabia on your radar. In 2023, the attraction opened in AlUla. The ladder is suspended 45 metres in the air, and the swing is 85 metres above the ground. The swing includes a 100-metre Ferrata climb, which is followed by a drop into the canyons. Visitors can then bounce between the canyons on the swing. 

Tickets for the Giant Swing start at AED 120 per person. Fujairah Adventure Park is open Monday through Friday from 4pm to 11pm and Saturday through Sunday from 6am to 10pm.

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