Fall in love with Heart of Europe’s Honeymoon Island

Romance is in the air in Dubai’s overwater villas.

Dubai is filled with marvellous megaprojects. One of the most exciting is the World Islands, which is home to the Heart of Europe. Now, the island destination is set to welcome Honeymoon Island.

Honeymoon Island is a romantic destination for local as well as international visitors. A 10-minute speedboat transfer from the shores of Dubai transports guests to the heart-shaped island. Drawing inspiration from the Maldives, the hotel will be home to 133 floating villas, which are connected to the island via floating jetties. The rooms are called Floating Seahorse villas, and guests can choose between skyline or InterContinental Resort Portofino views. Plus, some rooms include the Bentley Home signature experience.

Honeymoon Island

Honeymoon Island will also be home to swimming pools, restaurants and bars. The options include a pool bar, beach bar and dining under the stars. The island boasts white sandy beaches, coral-rich waters and gorgeous gardens. Plus, the island is located near the Main Europe Island and Tzar Hotel, and guests will have access to the amenities and experiences.

Each island in the World Islands archipelago draws inspiration from different countries. The Heart of Europe is home to luxurious hotels and homes. The Germany Villas are Bauhaus-style homes with exotic gardens and swimming pools. InterContinental Resort Portofino brings together an Italian fresco of the Birth of Venus, Italian times on the clocks and Italian restaurants. Floating Venice offers an underwater gym, spa and restaurant, while Marbella Resort, an IHG Vignette Collection Hotel, will boast 150 keys, Andalusian-inspired design, underwater living experiences, and a coral institute dedicated to marine ecosystem preservation. Plus, voco Monaco Dubai is an adults-only hotel, and includes the world’s first-ever climate-controlled street that will rain on demand. 

The opening date for Honeymoon Island has not yet been confirmed.

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