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Immerse yourself in fables at Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Kalīla wa Dimna to La Fontaine: Exploring Fables exhibition has opened.

Louvre Abu Dhabi leads the way in sharing culture across the region. With exciting new exhibitions always popping up, it’s the top spot to soak in cultural vibes. And if you’re someone who loves to explore new exhibitions, Louvre Abu Dhabi has just unveiled its latest called From Kalīla wa Dimna to La Fontaine: Exploring Fables.

Divided into three sections, Travelling Tales, Telling Stories, and The Fables Today, this exhibition will take you on a stroll through the history of fables — from their ancient origins to their modern adaptations. Start with tracing the origins of fables in India and Greece, before following its evolution through the works of key figures like Aesop and Ibn al-Muqaffa. You also get a glimpse into Le Fontaine — the behind-the-tales with artworks like the Portrait of Jean de La Fontaine by Emile Bayard. From ancient manuscripts to contemporary interpretations, this exhibition promises a journey through the mystical world of fables.

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Louvre Abu Dhabi is making sure that you can truly immerse yourself in this experience — with the help of artificial intelligence. You can create your own fables via touch tables and even download your composition by scanning a QR code.

Apart from the actual display of artwork and the interactive field, there’s also a curated range of cultural and educational programs to enhance your experience. From insightful talks to film screenings exploring the themes of morality and wisdom, there’s something for everyone.

From Kalīla wa Dimna to La Fontaine: Exploring Fables is a collaboration between Bibliothèque nationale de France, France Museums and Van Cleef & Arpels. With over 132 artworks on display, including rare manuscripts, paintings, and contemporary works, it invites visitors to explore the timeless narratives of friendship, loyalty, and morality portrayed through animal characters.

Kalīla wa Dimna to La Fontaine: Exploring Fables at Louvre Abu Dhabi runs until 21 July.

GO: Visit www.louvreabudhabi.ae for more information.

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