A stunning Ramadan tent has opened in Via Riyadh

Majlis, Ramadan Nights offers a feast for the senses with traditional Saudi delights and a whole lot more.

Ramadan is a particularly cherished time in the Middle East. Here, Ramadan evenings are filled with the joys of iftar, suhoor, and Ramadan markets. Among the traditions of this Holy Month are Ramadan tents, offering a communal space for families and friends to come together in celebration. If you haven’t visited one yet, The Majlis, Ramadan Nights at Via Riyadh promises to celebrate the spirit of the season.

Majlis, Ramadan Nights will run daily, from 5pm until 2am, at Via Riyadh until the end of the Holy Month. The warm ambience of the tent invites guests to partake in a feast for the senses. With seating for up to 230 guests, the Majlis tent ensures ample space. 

The buffet stations available during iftar offer a wide selection of flavours, from traditional Saudi delights to international cuisines. Guests can savour delicacies from the Arabic station, indulge in live pasta preparations, and relish the authenticity of traditional Saudi Foul and Mutabaq stations. Dessert lovers will delight in velvety mousses, cheesecakes, and beloved classics like crispy Kunafa and Basbousa. 

For those seeking a more intimate dining experience, a la carte options and an exquisite set menu await during suhoor. Beyond culinary indulgence, Majlis offers a space to unwind on its terrace lounge for post-iftar relaxation. 

Booking options cater to both individuals and exclusive gatherings, with the possibility of reserving the entire venue for private events. Priced at SAR450 per person, the Majlis experience at Via Riyadh offers a luxurious experience of the Ramadan festivities.

So spread the word and gather your loved ones. The Majlis, Ramadan Nights at Via Riyadh is a great spot to truly embrace the spirit of the Holy Month.

GO: Visit www.viariyadh.com for more information.

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